2d Animation Optimization Basics


   This Gpencil is different. I am going through it though.

I am working on a piece that is more involved that others I’ve worked on. I treated the interface like any other 2d editor by creating layers for the different parts of my characters. I then wondered if having all of these layers under 1 stroke is the move. I started to split the strokes and this caused every part that I split to become a new stroke all set with layer lists. This did not slow the system down at all but I noticed that the material list may not be loading all of the way.

Not a problem. I select the material from the stroke menu after I make sure that I load it into the active objects material list on the right. As soon as I apply the material I want to the new object “stroke” I am unable to take that object into edit mode. Instead of vectors I just see the polygon lines. The layer is unlocked but I can’t select any verts I need to move muh verts…

I feel like I hit some kind of limitation. These strokes seem like complicated objects and should be treated accordingly. I am just not sure how to. Is it better to have everything you need organized into as many layers you can in one stroke? Is there a limit to how may strokes there can be in a file? Maybe I am just doing something wrong.

Oh and just to make things more complicated. I tried to animate the scene once. I deleted all of the key frames, and cleaned the key-frame data on the first frame. This caused all of the objects to reload in the middle of the screen after a save and close. Armatures and vector weights seem intact so that’s just a matter of repositioning real quick. This middle of the screen issue kept happening until I deleted all of the instances of animation information from the collection tree. I no longer have that issue now but was that the right thing to do if I want to start an animation from scratch?

I am going to try to redraw the scene. Its simple and I think I can do this all in one stroke. Its the layers that I am worried about because there will be a few moving parts that I need separate from each other. If anybody has any experiences they can share pertaining to this please hit me up. Either way I’ll let you guys know what the progress is when I try again.

Until then…
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