2D Animation tutor needed for teenager

Hello folks,

This is a Christmas holiday lockdown project. Phase 2 of 4, as a 12 month skills building project for my daughter aged 13. We did Phase 1 over the summer covering the basics of Blender and 2D animation process.

I am looking for an animation blender artist who would be happy to work with a young teenager who loves GACHA. She would like to do a basic animation using her own characters inspired by Gacha and I am looking for someone who will help her achieve her project objective.

She has done some basic animation but never a full story board, so a plan will need to be put in place in google docs to push her, process wise, though the project from start to finish.

Pay is 15$ per hour
Payment via PayPal
Must be able to provide an invoice
Estimated hours for project 20 (flexible)
Google docs documentation of project
Good Discord and Twitch connectivity
Must speak and write good English
Duration of project December 9 2020 - January 10 2021 (flexible)

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Hello Dorine,

I could work with her. There is some terms I would set though,
we work on my rigged character and make a storyboard + then animate,
music and vocals we also work. Skype is my preferred method and also have unusual
suggestion that we dont work with latest build in past I have done film and tv 3d now i live in the
lake site and not city so everything is online things. [email protected] my email I will set up skype if we do the project

Hey, thanks for reaching out. Right now she really wants to do her Gacha thingy, it’s like asking a minecraft person to stop minecraft, it ain’t gonna happen type thing :wink:

Once she is over her Gacha phase, we will go back to more mainstream content so I will keep your details on hand for maybe phase 4 of the project as a next step.

Right now I just need someone with good animations and planning skills who is willing to work with what “she likes and wants to do”

Have to be willing to work with what kids love and want to do :slight_smile:

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