2D Animation with Blender

Hello there!

I have used Blender before for 3D rendering, but is it possible to use it for animation of 2D icons? If I were to create them in GIMP, could I load them and animate them? If not then what is the best way to go about this? Thanks!

Of course you can.

If you’re creating the frames on GIMP, why not export the animation from there? What format do you need the animation to be?

On what I’m wanting to do, it would be useful to be able to create them statically then use Blender’s keyframing and interpolation tools to be able to scale them, move them and rotate them, is do-able making them frame by frame in GIMP, but would be very tedious.


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Then yeah, Blender is more than capable of moving some pictures around. Though you might need to tweak a couple settings here and there if you’re doing low-res work, to avoid getting things blurred up due to antialiasing, texture interpolation etc.

Though, why .AVI? There will be no transparent background in the icons? Or does AVI support alpha channels now?

I believe AVI does support alpha channels, but I may be wrong

Blender supports 2D animations with Blender
See my 2D Image created with Blender