2d animator how did you setup your 3d viewport?

I really dislike the no perspective view in blender for 2d because you have to deal with those annoying grids. I tried to decrease the grid size, the minimum is still 4 squre grids. Anyways I was wondering if I should just draw in 3d viewport and just set up a plane as background? The only issue I have with this is the plane I add after changing its color doesn’t appear white, it appears almost gray-ish…

How can I achieve a viewport like this below, so I can draw simple sketches just like when I am using ps or gimp?

I made it work!

  1. make a plane
  2. select the plane and click on materials
  3. go down to “emission” under shading and turn it all the way up!

3d view properties -> display -> only render.