2d art tuts?

anyone know any online tutorials to help teach 2d art. I tried to take a couple art classes at school but my teachers didn’t know anything so I am extremely basic and I suck at it but I wish to excel at drawing with just my pencil. Any directing would help.

search on the web for loomis books like “fun with a pencil” or “figure drawing for all it’s worth”, great deal of information there and being out of print, they were scanned and available as gif or pdf.

k ty i’ll try doing that

http://www.polykarbon.com/ Has some good tutorials… (if thats the style drawing that your looking for.

i was looking for the exact same thing a while back and this seems to be the best free site:

click here

If you go to cgtalk.com they’ve got about two forums you can go to: the 2d/matte forums and the photoshop forums. All of these have sticky topics on 2d tutorials (drawing and rendering).