2D Artowrk. Rogue Trooper from 2000 ad.

Hi again,

This one managed to get lost in the upload, but you can now see it here: http://www.3dcommune.com/3d/galview.mv?2D+9MHUOxdas+1043799754

Some more 2D work from my protfolios.

Crits/comments welcome.


Hey thats a cool picture…
my only critique is, it needs more light and dark balance
great work

Great work! :smiley: Maybe a little darker background would be good, so that he is more extinguishable!

hey thats not bad, im not so keen on the face though, seems to be crammed from the jaw up into his helmet. the legs are awfull strange too. is it possible that i could email you a pic of mine and that you could post it for me? i have no ftp or anything, and if i did, i wouldnt use it that much.
good knowledge of shading and shadow. rock on!

Thanks for the comments. I think I’ll go back to the drawing board with this one and redo it.

It does need to be darker as suggested in the background and this time I maybe won’t use a paper with such a large grain, but I’m unsure about that really.

Thanks again, I’ll post a new version soon.