2D Bezier Curve in XZ plane


Can someone tell me if it is possible to have a 2D bezier curve in a plane other than the YZ plane. If I am in front view (NUM1) and I add a bezier curve, it gets added in the XY plane, not the the XZ plane as I would expect.

if you want to add it in front view then just press space bar and add the bezier curve
it will be in the viewport where the cursor is located


I am not sure what you mean. When I am in front view, I add a bezier curve using space bar>>add>>bezier curve. The curve that gets added is in the YZ plane.

In user preferences --> edit methods, do you have “aligned to view” selected? If not, select it.

That’s it. Thanks for your help.

Space Bar turns playback on and off

Wait another 12 years and spacebar by then may become a “do it all for me” button.