2D Bézier Curves Question

Is it possible to operate a bézier curve like how you would opperate the pen tool in adobe illustrator? I was curious as to if there was a easier way to shape a 2D Bézier curve.

Blender natively treats curve creation like an extension of mesh modeling. You see that G/R/S and Extrude are the primary ways to construct and edit splines. There’s an addon called Flexi Bezier which you can find on GitHub, which does some things more similar to a 2D app. It’s not using the Adobe paradigm, but you might find it more comfortable. You can also continue to search for and support other addons that better suit your needs.

Lastly, keep in mind that Blender can import SVGs, so you’re free to export/save elaborate shapes from PS/AI if you have access to those programs.

Alrighty thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely look into that addon and start experimenting with Illustrator and svg files.

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