2D camer track data node in the compositor?

I am trying to do a simple 2D track that will be used directly in the compositor to lock and mix a star field to a night shot. I have not found a specific node for this type of track but I did find a tutorial on youtube that explains a hack where you use the 2D stabilize menu in the tracker resolve tab and then use the offset data from the movie clip node with collection of maths nodes to extract a track.

22.45 mins into video

I have not got good results with this method even if the track points are locked. I am wondering if the maths is good.
Anyway, I can’t find anything on the web how to do tracks that are used directly in the compositor. I was wondering if anyone has a better method that the one above?

Yeah you pretty much track 2 points, one for stabilize the other for rotation, on the shot you want to attach something to. Then you stabilise, remove movement and rotation, then add the new element and return the movement to the new composite.

I did a whole course over at BlenderCookie for using tracking with only 2D.

A couple of the techniques could easily do what you’re looking for, specifically lesson 4 or 6.

The timelapse version of lesson 6 is on my vimeo, if you want to check it out.

Thank you to you both. As I am currently a blender cookie member; I will check out the tutorial. As a complete dev neophyte, I am wondering how difficult it could be to create a dedicated node for this. Can this be done in python?

Looks like I did not have my glasses on. The Track position node is in the Input menu. Also, the movie clp method now makes sense. The blender cookie tut is really good and I recommend it to anyone looking to 2D comping in blender. it wwill save you alot of time especially if you are familiar with other nodal compositors.
Thank you Hype

Thanks, chlowden007! Glad you liked it. :slight_smile: