2D character: axe guy

here goes my first 2d artwork posted:
and the inverted colors one:

oh, and please dont be too harsh, im only 15 years old… %|

Not a bad sketch at all…

I would suggest on your next drawing to make the hands larger as they are too small in this pic, hands should almost cover the face in size. The neck and head area you hint at is also too large for the body.

I also think that the axe handle is far too thin, it looks like it would snap if it was swung the wrong way too hard.

The musculature needs work as well. For example, while his biceps look allright, the triceps appear to be the same shape. Where the main mass of the tricep should be bulkier at the top and then angle in thiner to meet up with the elbow.

The pose is a bit weird as well. Grab a few comic books and check the stances that a hero takes, very strong and assured of himself.

I hope that my comments wern’t too harsh, just honest to goodness advice to help you as an artist!!! :wink:

Nice pic tho!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

ok, a few tips

before drawing a character, draw him/her in stick figure form first. this way you can get the pose just right, and the scale of limbs and things the same all the way round. your character seems to get smaller the further down the picture. arg as soon as i get hold of a scanner ill show you some pics of mine. you have a good knowledge of shading, id say you need to work on pencil pressure a little more though, i.e. getting different shades from the pencil, so you shading is blended nicely, not just one shade. So anyway, its a great start. i’d get some tracing paper and draw his limbs in as sticks, then have a good look at it and see what looks wrong/right to the eye

great start!

rock on


Hey, looks pretty good. I can’t really critique it, because any of my drawying of humans people would probably mistake it for a distorted blob.