2D characters to 3D contract work


This paid contract would start in 2 months after my kickstarter campain. Even if the kickstarter campain does’nt get funded, I will most likely get this done anyway and pay for it myself.
I’m looking for a modeler to convert 3 2D characters to 3D. Here is the scope of work:

  • 3 X model and animate from existing 2D character sprite for Unity as a refference.
  • Animations needed (for each character):


  • I can use your contract template if needed. Only serious modelers please.
  • Please contact me in private to submit your pricing and availability. I will also need to see your previous work and we will go from there. I will not necessarily pick the lowest price but will go for the best fit for the project. The game is currently on Steam in “Coming Soon” status. Release is set for August 2018. PM me for the link. I’m not here to advertise the game so will not post the link directly. The game will be both 3D and 2D.

I’m looking forward to to seeing your previous work and working with you.

Chris Verner
Chris Verner Studio
[email protected]

I have sent you the sample of my work please take a look.

Hi everyone,
we are receiving a lot of emails from this forum in regards to this post. Don’t worry if you are not being replied to right away. We are going over all of your portfolios and we will be replying to everyone once we have gone over them and made a choice. We may also contact you if more information is required. To be honest, we did not expect this response to our ad. We are very happy and will be making a choice soon. We are also keeping all of you in mind for future projects so if you don’t get picked for this one, you might get picked for future ones.

thank you and we look forward to working with you