2D Commercial - Multicinema galleria - Fab design


We would like to share one of our latest works with you.
It’s a 2D commercial we realized for the cinema “Multicinema Galleria” to promote their services.
All the animations were done with Blender, as well as some 3D assets (smartphone that morphs into printer, some parts of the environment, etc.) that have been then rendered with shadeless shaders to blend into the overall style.
The images were previously created in Illustrator, post-production done in After effects.
Let us know what you think about it!



interesting that there was no comment here, I love the style of the animation, love the music, loved the ambiance! good job, and good use of blender!


Thanks, we’re happy that you liked it!

Good job !

I like this kind of render. For some storys a 2D style is really a goog thing !

And the animation are also pretty cool !


I really like this kind of work, using Blender to do it.
Great job on the animation!
How did you make the characters?

@ DamDamien: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
@ Daniel Baroca: Thank you! The characters were created with Adobe Illustrator, then we separeted all the different body parts (arms, body, head, etc.) and exported the texture as .png images that were later projected onto plane meshes with a shadeless material on them.

Now that is some slick 2D animation! :slight_smile: Great work

Thanks! Glad you liked it!