2d cutout hot pepper prep for animation

Our HD production guys did this video for a local mexi restaurant. They requested a layered vector version of the client’s logo that was supplied as a jpg. What an awful scan! Anyway, that was rapidly vectorized and layered using Inkscape…

When we got a test back from the HD dept they had this thing moving across the bottom of the screen. It was rather funny but they meant that to be a placeholder for an animated version of the mascot (from the logo). So… here I am, finally doing some character animation.

Here’s where I was at after drawing the visemes in inkscape.[see attached]

I had to do some reworking to get to this point however. I had not cleanly drawn each mouth shape with the same base. While I did copy and reuse the curves did not convert to mesh in a way that worked well for using the rvk1 to rvk2 script. I had to do some mesh surgery in blender.

I’ve just gotten the shapes done and at the moment I’m converting the body and hat curves to mesh in preparation for rigging to bones. For the hands I’m hoping I can also use blend shapes parented to a bone at the end of the arms.

I’ll keep this updated over the next few days (I hope to finish tomorrow but I don;t think that is realistic.)


Nice- very cool.
What few people realize is that Blender is almost as good for 2d animation as it is 3d.
If we could only add armature modifiers to bezier curves, Blender would be a perfect 2d app, too.

I’m certainly no animator but I’ve been having a great time learning [again] how to use Blender’s animation tools. I’ve just blocked in four seconds and will try to get a movie uploaded shortly. Armature modifiers on beziers would be sweet.

EDIT: Here’s an avi using FFMPEG export from Blender 2.45 on ubuntu 7.10…

The audio is a little off but I’m only sending TGA frames to the editor. The idea is that they will use the 1 second lead to bring him in from the left… hopefully using a little motion blur.