2D DXF plans

(ilac) #1


Anybody else have a lot of problems importing 2D Dxf plans, exported from a cad program, into Blender?

Very often I have several lines etc missing and some objects seem to be thrown all over the place?

Anybody have any advice. Maybe there is something I can do to a DWG file before saving it as a blender-friendly-dxf?

Thanks in advance,


(BgDM) #2

I have had similar problems. I have found that if you save your CAD file as a Release 14 file and then convert to dxf it works a little better. There will still be some stuff missing and moved around, but not as much.

I have ACAD 2000 here at work and Blender does not like the dxf from that at all.

Hope that helps.


(MADCello) #3

Have you already try to save in (dxf 12) format?
It’s the last of the list in autocad.

(ilac) #4

Thanks Bdgm and Madcello!

I had already tried both methods but neither worked well :o(

I’ll keep trying to find a solution! If anybody else succeeds before me… …please Share!! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, Thanks for the suggestions!