2D face to 3D object

In the video below he shows how to create 2D faces on a 3D mesh by mapping the 2D curve on the mesh UVs. My mesh is rather simple so I simply used a shrinkwrap modifier with an offset to map the 2D curve onto the mesh.
Now what I am after is how do I mask different curves so that I can “hide” teeth inside a mouth or other such functionalities.
I plan on rigging the face so simply using stop motion animation does not suit my needs.

Have a look at https://yogyog.org/rhubarb-blender-animated-textures-like-with-lego/ … so far the addon hasn’t been brought forward to 2.8, but I hope it soon will.


Quite a good method, however as that would require stop motion animation it does not quite suit my needs, but I will keep this in mind if I dont find a solution at all.