2d Facial Animation in Blender (textures)


(softdraw) #1

Hi everyone!
I am trying to achieve this look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LbIPCp2GxA&t=253s
Basically 3d characters have 2d facial textures with some image substitutions for mouth, eyes etc.
I was able to make a material with all the masks and facial features placed on the test model but strangely even when my rendering is fine, my view port is wrong, the textures are not aligned and unwrapped properly. Can someone explain me why does it happen?

Thanks in advance!

(yogyog) #2

Have you looked at the UV project mod?

It does man a different object for each feature, so far as I can make out…

Or you could use multiple UVs. This would work - but you won’t get updates in realtime texture view… I’m not sure if 2.8 fixes this.

(softdraw) #3

I could guess that the issue is in the ‘Texture Coordinate node’ because when you normally add a texture it works just fine, but when you set object as a source for coordinates it get messy.

(softdraw) #4

Thanks! It partly solves the problem but I still get this irritating duplication of the texture in the view port. Render is fine!

(softdraw) #5

what is strange is that node editor drivers are only visible at the specific level.
Basically I have a structure of node groups (eyes, mouth, etc.)
Drivers from level 1 and level 2, in other words from parent node group and child group are visible in the Driver editor but Level 3 is not visible.
Why is that?

(yogyog) #6

the easiest would be to use a different object for each feature. Then it would still update in viewport.

Also - you might like to have a look at how this is put together: https://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/81792

(softdraw) #7

The thing I dont like about separate objects is that if my character is not flat, It produced problems such as mesh penetration, I was thinking about using compositor to maybe separate face in render layer to prevent penetration but Its still produces problems, like if my character turns around this method doesnt take into consideration depth, and I might manually mask face to make it look like it goes behind the geometry, which is not ideal.

(softdraw) #8

Its a very nice example, but I plan to use blender cycles.
In blender internal if I add a new material to the same object and assign it to selected polygons (for example for eyes) and then add a transparent texture it will stack them (two materials in the list, the base and the eyes transparent texture) togather and there will be no blank transparent hole.
In cycles when I do the same it works with shaders assigned to polygons and unfortunatelly doesnt stack them automaticall thus I have an eyes socket with texture floating in space separated from the base material.

(softdraw) #9

If I duplicate the polygons and assign transparent material to it and keep base mesh with only base material then it works, but then I have two separate geometries.

(softdraw) #10

uffff damn I guess I will have to use blender internal for this task, it is not animation friendly X(

(softdraw) #11

Ok, I think I found a solution for the texture tiling but now I have another issue, the image sequence textures are not updating real time in the view port :frowning:
I found out that its a missing feature that only works in Blender internal, but will be implemented in 2.8 version We hope! :slight_smile: