2D-filter over distance - Ideas welcome

Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and decided to ask in case any of the experienced members can answer this.
I love the filter system, and am wondering if it’s possibly to (using python) somehow make them apply more and more the further something is from camera.
Now, since it’s 2d, I don’t think it can really layer the filter’s strenght or anything, but, I noticed with a few filters that they apply very little or not at all for things close, and apply way more to things further back. This might be still applied to the final rendered image, but, I guess it’s worth a shot to ask.

Thank you in advance C:

There was a cool depth of field filter somewhere in the forum, and also the AO filters have option to appear at “x” distance, so I guess the effects can be masked with the depth buffer or something.