2D Filters: implementing/manipulating textures?

Would it be possible to use a texture (and if so, how?) and/or “retexture” it, so to speak (like to map the RenderTex onto it)? Also, could you thus theoretically use a lower-resolution texture for downsampling of sorts?

  1. You can’t use another texture in a 2D filter. You only have access to a few (the luminosity, depth, and rendered screen textures, to my knowledge).

  2. I was thinking about that, but I don’t think so. The texture rendered normally (and that you interact with with the 2D Filter actuator) is full-sized. If you were to use the bge.texture module to render out a new texture at a smaller size and map it to a plane, and then alter it with a custom GLSL shader, I think you would still be altering the plane for each pixel that the plane shows (i.e. you’re not down-sampling it).

Maybe I’m wrong, though.

If you’re feeling adventurous (and know how to build Blender) you can grab Harmony and test it out. With the render panel UI you can pass in sampler Uniforms.

By the way…when do you plan to release a test build for the rest of us,the noobs that have no idea how to build blender?

I currently only have a Windows build environment, so I can only make Win64 and Win32 builds at the moment. I’ll see about polishing up some of the custom shader/2D Filter improvements and getting some builds out within a week.

My luck, I am running a 64 windows too.And lots of other users are running windows.