2D Filters Multiply with Overlay Scene?


I’ve recently begun to use the amazing 2d filter system, But i’ve hit a snag. When i add an overlay scene it multiples the effects of the filters. Is there any way I can tell the filters to render before the overlay scenes or not to run the filter over certain scenes? on a similar note i’ve noticed that motion blur makes overlay scenes transparent, even if no movement takes place. Am i the only one? thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Left: Without Overlay
Right: With Overlay


I created a thread about this problem awhile ago.

The only solution I came up with was to use 2.5 as that doesn’t have that problem.


haha too bad i’m making a point and click adventure game, unless 2.5.3 has fixed mouse controls haha! thanks for the help

From what I can tell, mouse controls work fine in 2.53. I’ve been using them extensively, and it seems like every mouse bug that I had encountered in early 2.5 has been dealt with.