2D fitlters with a video texture?

i recently watched a tutorial on a bloom 2D filter. it explained the basics of 2D filters, although i do not completly understand the scripting of it. What i want to do is use the video texture functions in blender to make a 2D filter with a video overlay. This could be use for many diferent scenereos.

I want to use this to get realistic underwater effects. Also it might be nice to use a 2D filter for a pre rendered cut Scene.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Is this even possible? im sure it is. i belive it would take more than one type of script.

A 2D shader works always on the actual rendered 2D screen image.
With a 2D shader you can can make underwater effects like color changing, wobbling, fogging, bloom and so on.
For realistic underwater effects you only need the shader. You don’t need a Video texture.

The video texture module has some built in filters, you can apply filters on the images before sending them to the GPU, allowing video effect: blue screen, color band, gray, normal map. (source.filter.color = (0, 0, 255))
With that filters you can change the underwater color, but you can’t make effects like 2D shader bloom.

You can use the Videotexture module to play a pre rendered cut scene.
If you want to have 2D shader effects you can make a play which is playing the video then make your camera as big as the plane is.