2D Flash-esque Animation Question

Lately I have been working on doing 2D Adobe Flash looking animation. I have figured out how to do a lot of stuff and I got this extremely useful script:


But what I haven’t been able to figure out is lip sync and stuff like that. I don’t mean just lip sync technique or anything like that, but actually how to do it technically. I have a few different drawings for mouth movement, but I haven’t figured out how to do really animate it.

What I tried to do is to animate just the mouth by putting in different mouth pictures in frame by frame and save it with alpha, but that seemed to be extremely tedious and didn’t really work.

I found a 2d cutouts tutorial here on blenderartists, but all the links on it are dead, so its not much help.

If it’s the thread I think it is we’ve sorted it out on page 5.

Here is a link to a zip with all the tuts and scripts.

In there is a tutorial and script for replacement animation. As you said this is very tedious to do manually. The script allows you to set up a bunch of images and select which ones are visible over time with an animated “handle”.

Edit: Depending on how much syncing you plan to do, this should make it only very tedious work instead of extremely tedious -LOL-. There might be a better (tedious) way using an animated texture, depends on how smooth of a look you are after I suppose.