2D game Creation discussion+Shockwave tutorial+Blendfile


Hi all,

I must apologize for how long this took me to make…

I got carried away with the new hinge constraints, and with playing with the cool new FPS template from Social.

Here is 2 Shockwave tutorials on the 2d game setup I have used the most.

the first has an early prototype for Zody, and mainly discusses the basic principles I use to make sure the player is always facing in the correct direction.

The second is a prototype for a retro game re-make I am planning as soon as I can spawn hinges from layer 2. It discusses how the camera setup works.

both come with the Blend file , so you can take it apart and see how things work for yourself.

Please ignore the animations, and poor timing in the example files,
they are early in the development in the games. the demos are in no way a reflection of my true ability.

you begin you might need to know:

Blender modeling basics.
Blender logic block basics.
Knowledge of what Emptys, cameras, armatures,lamps, and meshes are.

this is more to get you started, than an actual Step-by-step tutorial. it is the basic theory .
after this you should be able to implement this in your own game.

Here is the basics overview:

and the blend file.


Here is the Camera overview:

and the blend file

The controls for the camera overview:

Left and right arrow keys- move

Up arrow, Flap wings

down arrow, Absolute stop on the ground

This knowledge is not just useful in 2d game creation… From time to time you will find your self in a situation where you need something to be dynamic, and for you to have total control over where it points to and what direction it faces.

Special thanks to the people here in the forums, who have helped me arrive at this method.

Off the top of my head: “Fireside,Blendenzo, Social, Malvo, and DIM”

Have fun! hope this helps someone.

Im getting a Error:404 on all of your links. Anyone else have better luck?

Thanks Self-Adhesive!

I got them all fixed now!

The links work just fine!

Nice camera; real smooth.

A while back I tried to make a little Mario type game…and with my basic knowledge then, it didn’t go so well. But now, thanks to you (and a few others!)…I have the skills required!

So…thank you!

Nice camera; real smooth.

Hey thanks :slight_smile:

.VS Super Mario was my favorite arcade game of all time.
I still love the player controls and the camera movement of that ancient game.

I am looking forward to trying your game :slight_smile:

had a little more time before bed…

I put together a demo with absolute facing to the right or left.
This is about as simple as it gets, the only things in this demo have to do with the subject :slight_smile:

Here is the file:

The player will only face right , left, or the camera (to represent resting)

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Awesome tuts, p00f. The camera one brought back memories of hours of childhood fun with my Atari 2600. Joust was one of my favorites. Personally, I’d add a timer to the absolute left/right demo so that the player doesn’t return to rest position so abruptly.

Atari 2600!
dam i though I was the only old one around here :slight_smile:
my first was Intellivision…
I never got to play joust at home until i got a Commodore 64.
Joust is one of the most addicting games for me when I was young, I would go to the grocery store where the game was, almost every day.

simple controls (3) and fast+challenging game play.

Just wait till l take all that gameplay, and add dynamic lights and Ragdolls :slight_smile:
I cant wait to start knocking knights off their little green Buzzards and watch them flail and tumble to earth.
I also want to add 2 player mode as well, should be lots of fun.

Anyways, thanks for the flashback Blenenzo.

i will check into the the timing on that tutorial as well , the snappy turns give me bad memories of old Apple ][ basic games I used to make at school.