2d game help

heyy everyone i need some help making my game

i need to make a mouslook but so it only goes along the why axis
and my character follows it

if any can help plz do thank you : ]

why would you need a mouselook script for a 2d game? I assume its a platform like mario right? All you need to do is parent your character to the camera. oh and, whats the why axis?

lots of 2d games use mouselook, not all 2d games are mario platform like.

Yes i’m wondering myself, what is the why axis? :wink:

shit double post, sorry.

heyy lol sorry yer

its a platform game liek mario

but if you have ever playd thing thing i want it to be something liek that lol

and sorry i ment the “y” axis.

thanx : ]