2d game in blender

Hello, i have seen a few good 2d games in blender. I always ask myself how they make them. Does anyone know of a tutorial or another thread discussing this issue? for i would like to make my own 2d game in blender. (Don’t worry im not a noob at blender so i will finish it).

You can find my 2D game template buried somewhere in the resources forum, or just search for my game demo ‘Super Block World’.

The 2nd .blend in particular has a lot of the basic gameplay mechanics of 2D games, even one way platforms.

hhmm… i searched but i cannot find it. I presume you dont know where it is exactly?

Found it.


Thanks. I took a good look at the game, and i don’t get it. You main character does all the things you tell him to. But when i look at his logic bricks, there are only 3 things. I dont see any movement controls or anything. Am i missing something?

That’s because a fairly good chunk of the logic is done with Python. You need to know python to largely understand it but you’ll know why python is the preferred way to go when it comes to core game logic.