2D Game - Mismatched Layers

Hello, I am currently working as the animator on a game in progress called “The Floating World”. I am having a strange problem that I noticed when importing into Unity, but is originating in Blender. Depending on how closely I am zoomed in to the character, the layers of my 2D model become rearranged in different ways. I have tried everything I can think of. The normals are fine, the locations are applied, The objects involved are simply images imported as planes. All of which are merged together and parented to a skeleton. I’ve checked with the side view in wire frame view, and the planes don’t move, but the way that they are seen is changed. Anyone who can help fix this problem, please do because I’m on a bit of a dead line.

Z fighting,

move background down, or foreground up, on Z direction of plane,

You could use Clip Alpha to help (in the BGE, at least), or rearranging the near and far planes of the camera (i.e. compress them to give the engine more finesse with the depth to work with).

I’m making a 2d game right now and you can have the layers really very close together as long as you set the camera near and far clip distance to a narrow band. However, i don’t know how it would work when exported to Unity.

If you’re still having problems I’d suggest:

  1. use clip alpha.

  2. use a set of objects parented to animated empties instead of a skeleton. I often had problems with alpha on rigged characters before.

  3. Try switching of IK solvers in the skeleton if you are using them.

  4. Try setting the z distance between planes to a larger value, around 0.5 blender units at first to see if it fixes things. If it does move them closer together again slowly checking when z fighting becomes a problem.