2D Game problems

Hello guys,

I wanted to build a simple 2D game, so I begane to create something with simple planes. But sometimes when the player get a collision with a static object the players 2D shape falls behind my flat plane underground. I tried to solve this but the only thing what worked was to change the players settings to static, but I think their had to be a better solution.

I was wondering if someone could help me with this problem.
Thanks in advance!

PS Sorry for my bad English

I know this Problem very well.
First off, on each and every single Dynamic Object / Rigid Body in your Game, be sure to tick the Lock Translation: Y and Lock Rotation: X, Z.
If that doesn’t work properly (and trust me, it won’t), then you can set a Location Constraint on the Object’s global Y Axis via Logic Bricks’ Constraint Actuator.

EDIT: I don’t know of a Way to create such a Constraint in Python. If anyone knows, I’d thank as well.