2d/grease pencil animation requested


I am looking to get some prices on an animation similar to this:

  1. What is the type of project? Animation
  2. Are you a company or individual? We are a company that makes kids videos. We are new, but willing to pay people for their work. Check out some of our previous work here: https://www.facebook.com/Mikeypopkids/
  3. What kind of designer are you looking for? no 3d animation. looking for 2d. mixing in 3d would be fine, but I want the characters animated in 2d. Specifically grease pencil.
  4. What is the deadline? We are looking for something in a month or 2
  5. Description of the project. We will provide a voice over and music track. Total length will be around 2 minutes
  6. What is the budget? Not really sure what something like this costs.I own another business www.pixatecreative.com we create 3d visualizations for architects and developers. I know Blender very well. I just can’t animate. Let me know what you are thinking something like the above animation might cost. We would like the work done in blender 2.8.

I am still writing the script and will have that shortly. The main character is going to be an owl. The other character is going to be a kid. The background isn’t determined yet, but will most likely be outside.

Please send me your samples.

Is this job still open?