2D hack using 3D, Maybe? Your Thoughts required

I was thinking, (first of All, I am new to blender), I am making a 2D/3D game in unity, Everything is 2D but I wanted to give off a 3D vibe. For many reason, 3D models( low poly) are readily available, easy to make (for me). I can make low poly 3d models in blender now ( very beginner level). My Unity game is a platformer game… But I am confused whether to go for full 2D or Full 3D or somewhere in between. Lets suppose I want a 2D game since 3D is more performance heavy…

Is it possible that I make a model in 3D but slice it in half Since I am always showing only one side of the model. Is it possible that I Make the model in 3d (just as i want) and after making it, Slice the model in half and export it to unity. That will save the tris count etc and would serve the purpose as well as will be an optimization hack aswell.

what do you guys think?

Yes, that is possible.
I think if optimizing is necessary only importing the polygons you can see and need is standard.

If you want to make it completely 2D you can render a bunch of frames of your character for example and put them onto a single texture. This is sometimes called a “sprite sheet” or “texture atlas”. Then the game engine can cycle through these individual images and fake your character animation.

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Hi, I am making a 2d mobile game using unity. I have a few Questions.

I really like blender ( I am a beginner), there are tons of resource material available for the stuff I need for my game but its all in 3d. I want 2d.

There is a way is guess. some one told me to make whatever you like in blender in 3d and then render the face you want as 2d output and put it on a plane and export as a png and use as a 2d asset. I saw a tutorial about this and really like this approach.

A have a few reservations. Is it really good idea to do it this way? My 2D mobile game is a platformer game for which is need some Low poly trees, walls, stones, ridges, background mountains, decent looking landscape etc…

kindly point me in the right direction. I am soo very confused. Are there any complications if i use this approach.

I’ve merged this question into your other topic, which looks very similar.

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If your going to try this hack, then I would have them rigged and animated full, before cutting them. This is because they might not deform correctly with only half the model rigged. Maybe it would work after rigging, then cutting it half.

A problem I can perceive, is the other half of the models arms and legs would not show.

What would happen if you tried doing a special effect, like rotating or spinning your character?

If this is a good idea is really depenent on our specific game. For some games it is good for some it is bad. You would have to post more information and perhaps images for someone to be able to give you a qualified answer.

Not having any screen-shots or sketches from your game, it’s hard to know how to respond. But, it is relatively easy to make a “sprite sheet” or tiles-sheet which uses images that appear to be 3D.

Also, I know that some 2D game engines do support the concept of a “depth channel,” which they use to influence things like the stage-lights. You might also find “normal maps.” Although the underlying game logic is still 2D, the rendering of the assets can actually create a very nice “3D-ish” effect that greatly enhances many games, just through the use of shadow-effects. (A lot of “the 3D illusion” actually comes from shadows … even “fake” ones.)

Thanks, I am new so I am trying t o grasp how this forum works.

for reference you can look at angry birds, ( maybe not strictly platformer). Where most of the scene is static with some things animating.


boom.gif (894×503) (tnwcdn.com)

Take a look at this, My mobile game is kind of like this ,A scene where most of the art on screen is stationary, most of the objects are not moving, except for some objects on which physics is applicable.

All I want is to Just Grab a bunch of 3d models, that I really like, absolutely love and put them to a specific angle (2D) and export them using planes as a png and then use those sprite pngs in my mobile unity game. Is it possible. I want to use this technique only for objects that will not move in my game. Not using this technique for characters, Only for Static art.

This has been done before.

It is possible and a tried and true method do use in games like this.
I’d say go with it. :smiley:

Take whatever model you want to 2Dize, set up a camera with orthographic projection, position it, and render it out an image with a transparent background.

That’s about the basics of it. Easy as pie once you get the hang of it.

Thanks alot man…
I just wanted confirmation from you guys. Thankyou for you kind words and suggestions.

Okay. Thanks a ton, I get it now. :slight_smile: