2D icon designer wanted!! (for this forum!!)


As you know we’ve been planning a new design for a while now. We’ve pretty much got the design ready were it not for one vital part. The icons of the forum! The default vBulletin icons (and buttons) are very ugly and just will not do :frowning:

Our webdesigner is extremely busy right now with other clients. So we’re looking for someone to create some nice icons for us. Unfortunately we won’t be able to pay you for them, but you will get full credit and of course everyone on this forum will see your icons daily!

There are about 60 icons in total, but a lot of them are very similar (I can also help you out with those, if you create an example I can copy/alter). The design of the icons should be 2D/pixelart and not semi 3D (like most of the current icons).

If you’re interested, could you please send me a mail at:
timothy /at/ blenderartists.org

(It would be helpfull if you can show some icons you did earlier)

Then I can provide you with a list of icons we need, including the original vBulletin icons. And screenshots of our new design. Hopefully we’ll then finally be able to get this design launched!


Is there a tight timeline? I guess I should be able to get them done in about a week… I have no icons to show, but I guess stating that I’m the owner of a design studio (www.3dgestudio.com) could help :slight_smile:



I’ve done some before. So, we can’t use Blender?


Are you just after buttons and stuff or do you mean the emoticons/smileys too??? Sago made a brilliant collection of emoticons back when the forum changed - there’s a whole thread somewhere. But, as I recall, they had a 3D-ness about them. It’d be sad to see them excluded :frowning:


Some examples of my Low-res work, which I could use for buttons… From Thisthread

Will mail you!

Depends on the icons required, but I definately would be interested!