2D image can not add in 3D blender world. help me

**help me. I imported my video as an image plane. video is 2D :expressionless: but how can i “convert” in 3D ? i mean when i record video i rotate Z axis but in blender i can not rotate like real 3D world. can not rotate I can not rotate so as to be in space and touch both feet to the ground. image image

Mmm. I don’t understand your problem.
You want that the image look always to the camera or other object?
You want the guy feet look like its on the 3D object?
You want something like a auto video photogrametry importer?

i want to make like thisimage

realistic reflection in space. this image is from “cosmos: a space-time odyssey”. this man is 2d pic but in 3d virtual world (3ds max or something like this) . i want to make shadow, reflection like this man

I think I understand your problem. I think you are talking about compositing? (Adding a 3d model into a video recorded from you camera)? If that’s the case, you will have to render the model first and then add him in through compositing software like Blender video editor or after effects.

is there any tutorials? i really want to do this job

Yes there’s so many in youtube.
I actually don’t know much about the blender video editor, but I’m attaching some links to do it in after effects.

Watch this to know how to export the blender video)
(This one shows how to add your 3d object to your 2d video)

I hope I helped, Good luck! :slight_smile: