2D image editor

For awhile, I had a hard time trying to figure out the GIMP’s interface. It was a bit daunting, and I think it is for many beginners. So I looked online for another alternative, and I found Pixia. Pixia I believe was originally released in Japan, but has since been translated. It offers many of the features of GIMP, transparencey, filters, blurring, rubbing, etc. but it’s easier to understand because the interface is smoother. Best of all, it can read and save with the targa (.TGA) file extension, so it’s still possible to UV. While not quite as good as the GIMP, it definately serves it’s purpose, and is much more user friendly than thre GIMP. I encourage people to try it.

Thanks for the tip, Dim. Also check out ArtRage and Artweaver. (I like ArtRage enough that I might shell out for the full version, if I can just find the stylus for my tablet… :wink: )

that’s funny: I’ve always liked Gimp, and for a while, I had pixia on my system, and I finally removed it because I couldn’t get over the “toyish” feel Pixia gave me. But it’s certainly a very respectable program.

arnaud0: you’re right. If you have GIMP and are very proficient, there’s no need to switch, but it’s easier to get to learn the basics of 2D graphical programs on pixia than it is on GIMP because of it’s easier interface.

oh, and thanks mzungu, artrage looks really cool. I’ll give it a try!

Hi All

If you’re a windows user, and you’ve played with photoslop, try gimpshop (put it into google…).

It’s the gimp code wrapped into a photoslop-like interface. Makes it abit easier to use, especially for those of us used to the windows-type interface.

Cheers DT

Also another great app that is now freeware is Deep Paint:

Deep paint OWNS! I really like it. I now have 6-10 different image editors, swo all together I have the equivelent of photoshop. Anyone else have any programs they use?

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