2d images into 3d


First post and a complete noobie with Blender and imagining in any form!

I was wondering how easy or difficult it is to take a 2d image and converting it into a 3d image using inkscape/blender?

What I’m wanting to do is take a 2d image like the one attached and converting it, if possible, to a 3d image?

Is there a step by step tutorial showing how to do this?

Thank you for any help/advice you can offer!

2d-3d-translation/ paid course

first video is free

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I’m totally new to all this 3d modelling and graphics design and truth be told, completely overwhelmed. I’m not going to attempt to try and learn how to create 3d images as I don’t think I have what it takes, but I find myself here, needing some minor assistance.

I would like to take 2d images and try with Blender, make them 3d as much as I can. Maybe this is going to be a bit unrealistic on my part, but I’m asking the professionals here to see if it’s possible and if so, how hard is it? I don’t mind pluggin through the learning process, but my needs are minor.

I’m trying to play a table top miniatures game (Heroclix) via Tabletop Simulator and would love to have 3d characters (or as close as I can get to 3d) on my virtual table to play.

I know there are some marvel and dc comics characters already out there that I can use in my program, but for the one’s that haven’t been made…my question is…can I take a 2d image and some how make it more 3d using Blender?

Here is a sample image I would like to use.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer this AND can provide me a link to a set of tutorials or a walk through of sorts.



I’ll ask elsewhere too. I understand people here probably get tired of newbies asking for help, but I’m seeing (in the short time I’ve looked over some posts) that help here is not easy to come by.

Thanks for your advice.

The answer is yes and no. You can make a 3d model of what is represented in the image using it as a guide, you can’t just have the 2d image be plugge in and the 3d model to just come out. You would have to learn sculpting or/and modeling + texturing. It takes a while but it’s totally worth it the end. Good Luck.

This might also interest you: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyelx0TsmSpc-Vga-tmSv5-x9k9HG4Aes

This was the very first question I ever asked anyone about 3D modeling, a long time ago. So, welcome to the world of 3D modeling! It’s generally not possible to take a single 2D image and turn it into a 3D model because you’re missing the depth information (the third dimension). You can model it by hand but you’ll need at least three images (top, front, side) and you’ll need them to all be the same size so you can line them up. Otherwise, you could model the head correctly in the front view but switch to the side view and find that it’s all wrong.

The other thing you can try is MakeHuman - www [dot] makehuman [dot] org, which is used to generate human models. I think you could get away with using your single front-view image as a background to adjust the proportions. Of course, you’d have to model the clothes, hair, etc yourself but at least you’d have the body already modeled. User VScorpianC on YouTube has some good tutorials on making clothes for MakeHuman characters.

Good luck!