2d images to 3d texture

Hi all,

Is there a way to create 3d texture from a series of 2d images.

Thanks in advanced.

There are several; disregarding photogeometry… most famous (afaik) CrazyBump and the free AwesomeBump… or their alternatives… even simple Bump or Normal filters (especially GREY’s Magic for Image Computing) in any 2D Paint app can be helpfull…

Sorry for the wrong description.
With 3d texture i mean a texture with XYZ to use it like a procedural texture for volume.

You mean a structural analysis of a 3D texture which could be reproduced by some images … for example a marble texture just by giving some images of a specific marble?
I know of something like (2D) resynthesize texture in G’MIC (link above) which gives… strange results but for 3D …???

Exactly…it should be possible to convert a list (z) of images (xy) to a procedural texture…like Pixel to voxel…so it can feed into a volume Shader.

I did this but it is a bit hacky and mostly meant for rendering of medical scans:

I thank you a Lot.

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