2d in a 3d world

I thought that this would be the best place to put this topic.

How would I go about putting 2d animation that I have already created and combining it into a 3d world that I have created with blender?

You would make those 2D animations animated textures for planes that you would set as billboards (which rotate only horizontally to face the camera) or halos (which rotate in any direction to face the camera.) Then just translate these planes in 3D space in whatever way your game requires.
Now if only I knew how to set planes as billboards and halos. . .if only someone could give us a step-by-step noob-level walkthrough on how to do this. . .:slight_smile:

I am hoping to do this for a video project. Thanks for the idea. I’ll try it tommorrow when I have a little mor free time. It makes a lot of sense too.

Try this: