2D Indie Game looking for artist

LyraeMD is looking for a talented 2D artist
Contact: [email protected]
Location: Remote

Project name:
Snoophy (Temporary, might change)

Snoophy is currently being developed on an early alpha stage aiming to launch on the Xbox Live Indie Games.
It is being developed in XNA. After a release on the Xbox 360 we are planning to port it to Windows Phone.
At a successful release, the game will hopefully be ported to PC, iPhone and Android.

Snoophy is set in a 2D world where you control a character and try to solve different 2D puzzles.
The goal is to complete the puzzles with as little ‘block’ moves as possible, like other popular games we will have some kind of score so that the player will want to continue playing to improve his score.

To give you a brief overlook of the game I will give you one of the first build of the game:
(Graphics are PLACEHOLDERS, this build is a bit old and we have 20 levels complete as of now)

What we need:
Sprites in 2D.
Interface design.
Different Sprite Sheets for different worlds.

Jose Duque (Lead Developer, Spain)
Henric Johansson (Developer, Sweden)
??? (2D Designer, currently looking for one)

About you:
It is important that you are responsible and mature.
Passion for games of all types, if you like old SNES games than you will have a blast with us!
Creative, you need to brainstorm ideas with us.
And most important, this is a remote project so it needs that you are online and designing at least a few hours per week (hopefully 1-2 hours per day)
We have worked on this for about 2 weeks and 2-3 hours a day so we hope that you are ready to work as much as we have.

Henric-Johansson [at] hotmail [dot] com
Skype: Kekkesuperman

Profit will be split among team members.

A little bit about us:
We are 2 developers that have been programming for many years and love gaming.
Snoophy got inspired by the SNES game Goof Troop.
We are available daily for contact on skype.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Don’t you have anything to show ?
Plain text about game projects it a pretty common thing on this forum. You have to show your work to get people interested.

But nicely writen.

This is our current build, it includes placeholder graphics, music and 20 playable levels.
We have worked hard for quite some time to get the game engine working smooth and we really need a 2D artist to keep working on the game.

If the artist is interested, we are gonna be developing more games.


I just released an updated video of our latest build, check it out at:

We are currently working on a map editor while searching for a 2D designer.

Take care everyone!

Is the payment per model, per hours or is it just after the game is finished and sold?..