2D iPhone RPG

Hi everyone!

I am a high school student and iOS developer. I currently have two applications on the app store right now and am working on a third, an RPG similar to pokemon and final fantasy.

I currently am the only programmer on the team, but have one artist and a writer as well.

I am looking for another artist or two, a musician, and another programmer.

The artist will be required to make sprite sheets and/or tilemap tiles.

The musician will be handling all sound aspects in the game, including sound effects and music.

The programmer should be experienced in Objective-c and should have a basic knowledge of Cocos-2d as well.

For more information, either send me a private message or an email to [email protected]

All attachments contain only placeholder art, they are merely there to show that I am serious about this game development and have made ample progress.

so will this be made with blender 3d in any way?

I guess not, no.