2d Jumper Meat-like substitute

Game = changed

A D Space

Go forth and rock out.

edit: added python version


MeatlikeSubstitute.blend (496 KB)MeatlikeSubstitute (python).blend (496 KB)

oooh thank you

Really cool, thank you, gives me some ideas for a game im working on.
I do wish it was in python not logic blocks tho.

I can port it, do you need it?

here you are

A D = Left right

Space = Jump, wall jump

Space + S = wall jump down

A when on Left wall = stop

D when on Right wall = stop

S when on wall = Fall down

A when on right wall = Don’t stick
D when on left wall = Don’t stick


MeatlikeSubstitute (python).blend (496 KB)

awesome, thank you! its a lot easier to understand that way for me, logic bricks are great for doing stuff easily and quick, but trying to understand something in logic bricks i didnt make melts my brain a bit!

interesting… the actuator “Motion.001” nulls the velocity… thanks! i will try to implement this

Hey! it works… just wondering how you did your jump, since i can’t do “Character motion” i’ll have to fake it… so idk what you did but i wasn’t able to replicate your results with that actuator. how’d you do the jump?

if groundRay true and jump==0 and keypress.positive:
    #start jump

if jump==(jumping frame):
      #jump during correct liftoff frame

if jump >=1 and jump:<=29:
    #animate and time jump

if groundRay True and jump>15:
     #reset jump
    jump =0