2D Overhead Space game

Hey people
I’ve been searching around for the possibility of making a 2D overhead space game using the BlenderGE but I’ve only been capable of finding a small example of what I want and the author did not provide any help on how it was created.

Does anyone know where I can get started with space-based tutorials involving the mechanics which I would be using including things like inertia and have black as the stage background with stars/asteroids in motion and thruster animations when ships are moving?

I’d like to make a game like ‘Subspace Continuum’ which I believe was made in C++ using OpenGL… But I’m not all that pleased with C++ on its own because the programming of simple actions is quite inefficient for me :s I much prefer working with game engines…

set your ship to be a ridged body or dynamic, set the world gravity to 0, then apply linearVelocity to move the ship.

Lots of other possibilities but that should get you started.

Thank you for your help :smiley:
I have another quick question, when attaching a camera to the ship, how can I keep the camera overhead to make it appear 2D?
My camera doesn’t seem to dynamically follow the ship, it just stays mostly static where it is so if the ship goes above the camera, the camera should move with it while still looking down but instead it stays in the same position and turns the other way :s

Would you also happen to know of any tutorials to get me started with 2D-like specific stuff? If not then it’s not a problem, I’ll search around on google tomorrow.

select the camera, then the ship, and press CNTRL-P to parent the camera to the ship

Better use vertex parent for the camera, so it does inherit position but not orientation:

  • select the camera
  • shift select the ship
  • go into edit mode <tab> of the
  • select ONE single vertex
  • vertex parent the camera to the vertex <ctrl><p>

By the way, The BGE is a 3D engine. It is not designed or optimized for 2D behaviour. This ends up that you need to design your game that it looks like 2D, but finally it is not.
The most users trying to implement a camera with fixed angle and/or to have the game objects move along a fixed depth (fixed z-axis).
You can search for “platform” games or “side-scroller”.

Ah the vertex parent is really good :smiley:
I know BGE is for 3D.

The way I see it is:
I’d like to make a overhead space game with a 2d feel but with 3d elements. Like perception of objects and such, I feel this would be easier to do in a 3D engine rather than manipulating it in 2D.
I’d also plan on doing a bit of rotation when ships turn for example, I could also do this with sprites in 2D but I’d prefer to work with a 3D environment.

I have a bit of C++ background knowlege and I know how I could do 2D things with that but I really don’t want to. I just think blender could be more fun to use really :]