2d pattern (third added)

Right I figured I’d share this since it’s completely different :smiley:

It’s going to become the background for one of my websites. Of course not black and white, but I’ll do something more interesting with the colours. Orange!.. eh… no…:spin:

it’s a repeating pattern made out of all bezier circles.



I added another one

really cool…how did you make it…:spin:

Thanks. It’s a bid hard to explain with just text. The pattern is based on rotated triangles as a base. Basicly have a triangle, then copy and flip it on the midpoint of one of it’s edges, and keep doing that.

There’s only 5 basic “tile patterns” that are possible… it’s tricky to get your head around it… but quite easy in blender with duplicated/linked objects.

Very nice! I like the swirly feel to it!



Here’s the version I have as my desktop background now and I might use for the site:


I don’t get how you did it, but I’m still just amazed :wink:

nice, similar to celtic knot work, have you seen the book of kells http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Kells. I always imagined that blender would be a great app for reproducing those kinds of geometric patterns.

[edit] removed the image and added it to the first post, for ease of viewing [/edit]

Very nice work, macouno!

cool! I love seamless textures. Thanks for making these.

very cool, i hate to be the one to ask but give us a tutorial, at least a simple one.

that’s cool. you don’t see a whole lot of 2d graphic design done in blender, but it’s nice to see somebody thinking outside the box. very nice work.

Very unique and cool use of Blender!

Wow, beautiful stuff.

Fantastic stuff. Very hip and happening in today’s web scene. A tutorial would be great. Oh, and if you had time, and were of a kindly disposition, a tutorial would be awesome… :smiley:

Nice piece of art…i think with textures/colors it will be awesome…

It still amazes me how you can create 2-D, almost drawing-like images in blender with 3-D objects. Very cool.

thanks everyone.

The odd thing is that I have done patterns for years, and I used to do them on paper. Only after using blender for years did I suddenly realise how good blender is for this sort of thing.

I’m going to do a few more and I have some ideas about how to use the 3rd dimension to make the patterns a bit more complicated/interesting.

I’ll consider doing a tutorial, but am rather busy at the moment… maybe in a week or so :wink:

cool, when i was younger i used to do patterns on paper too, i didnt even remembered this but after you mentioned ive realised already did something similar, not so complicated though the computer gives you the abilitie to go further.

Beautiful patterns, macouno. Thank you for posting this project.

Always a pleasure to see Blender used creatively like this.