2D planes not shown as double sided

How can i show double sided 2D planes (the same texture on both sides)… this is for 2D leaves and branches on a tree… its imported from another format (.nif), maybe that’s the issue, i dont know…

In Blender 2.49 it was very simple, i just clicked “Twoside” in Texture Face (edit mode) and i got two sided textures… I’ve only seen double sided under Normals here, but it doesn’t do anything to the leaf planes, its most likely not what i’m looking for either since it says “normals” (so for the normal map i take it).

What version of Blender? If you’re using cycles, by default it should be double sided. Leaf.blend (2.2 MB)

2.79b. I’m using blender renderer.

maybe i should always be using cycles, i tried switching to it but then my mesh got untextured… i have not read up about the differences.

In 2.79b, default is supposed to be double sided for Blender Internal, two.
The only way I know to obtain different results on both sides in 2.79b is by using Geometry node of material nodes.

If your .blend comes from 2.49, there was modification of Texture face support between.
Devs provided a fix under Help menu of blender release when that happened.
But I don’t remember which release it was. It should be a 2.5x or 2.6x release.

You might need to mark your seams and unwrap it. Sometimes it will bleed if there is no distance from one face to another.

no, it’s a file from the .nif file format…
i was hoping there was a way to kind of reset it or something…
How would i accomplish “Geometry node of material nodes”?

unwrapping it all did not solve it, even though the uvmap is now destroyed i can see its not double sided.

here’s the .blend btw…


Here’s the file with the materials applied in cycles which gives a double sided result. I’d recommend shifting to cycles as the Blender Internal engine is legacy and the future is Eevee (Blender 2.80) & Cycles.


I tested it and for me all planes are still single sided unfortunately.

It makes me wonder if there’s something in the system settings? edit: user preferences.

Hmm, never thought, use ‘N’ to open your properties panel in the 3d viewport, check under the “shading” section, I bet you have “backface culling” turned on.


Many thanks!! That was the problem all along, now i have double sided on all my meshes :slight_smile: