2d plans from 3d object

Hello, I was wondering how to get and print out 1:1 size 2d layout plan so i can cut out the details from reallife material based on my 3d model. So my 2d plan would preserve the size in mm exactly as it is in my 3d model. Thanks

Set your camera to orthographic and, in scene tab, change units to metric or imperial. now you can work with real units in blender. But I don’t know how to render and print the image with the real measure.

Render to Print addon http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Render/Render_to_Print

Not tested with latest blender version

Thanks Richard, will give it a try!

Nope, this is actually something else! Render to print is not unwrapping everything and preparing 2d plans :confused:
So basically now i can rephrase my question: how to unwrap to A4 size of image with 1:1 sizes?

Instead of doing that, perhaps use images/screenshots to explain what you want. If you can simplify the problem, even better. Could then also add an example .blend of an object for testing.

Experience says that more text, exclamation marks, uppercased/emphasized words, swearing, hanging upside down from the ceiling, or holding bananas in ears won’t make questions as clear as good visuals. Same goes for replying, which is one of the reasons an example .blend always helps.

The render to print addon allows you to print something that you have modelled as 10cm in your scene as 10cm on a piece of paper

You mention 'plan’s as well as ‘unwrapping’. To me these are two different things. Do you want have an object and make something like a paper model from it like http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?186071 or something else ?

Well, I am trying to model some parts for my RC airplane. At the end - all i need is those parts to be printed out on 2d paper so i can cut them out of foam.

So i created these parts in blender, looks like this:

And I want to print out their 2d plan on A4 page like this preserving 1:1 scale:

Export paper model addon would’ve been my suggestion too, based on the added information.

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Maris, how do you transform the 3d model to 2d model? iam looking for tutorials about that. Thanks

try to find a PDF from Burke

Precision Modelling PDF

rab3D: Blender Precision Modelling Guide

this show how to draw on paper with the right scale

happy bl