2d platform tracking camera?

is there a script or something for this? i want like a slow parented camera that can scroll sideways and follow the player, but at the same time not move too sharply like parenting the camera to the player directly.
hope the desciption isn’t too vague. I will also be using just the keyboard buttons no mouse.

Do you mean like super mario style? Here’s a veery basic example (move the cube with left and right arrows)


mariocam.blend (516 KB)

Personnaly, I don’t understand what you want Thatimster :confused::slight_smile:
The slow parent is not good enough?

And Jackii, that is an interesting way to block the scrolling of the camera :yes: I keep it :D.

You could try using a “near” actuator on rigid object that tracks toward the player at a certain distance with a locked x or y axis. The camera then parented to this object with slow parent.

in my opinion an vertex parent + slow parent is the best way of doing this. Then agen, I haven’t made many side-strollers.
Anyway you can do this by doing as folow:

Select the camera, then select the object (player), now enter edit mode and add an new vertex in the center of the object, select (only) this vertex and press Ctrl + P, then choose “vertex parent”, now leave edit mode and add an slow parent to the relation.

This will make the camera to ONLY follow the object(player) but not get affected by its rotations, in this way you get an very smooth movment