2D Platformer Template

My current project is going to be a 2D platformer style game, which I’ll no doubt start up a separate thread for in the near future once I’m reasonably far along with it. As with any game I do though, I like to get the actual gameplay sorted before I do anything with the artwork.

After working through several issues and developing workarounds for them, I now have what I feel is a pretty useful baseline to use for this sort of game. So I’m releasing this as it may help others looking to build this type of game.

The entire thing is run through a single python script, so it’s relatively easy to modify for those with basic python knowledge.

Default Keys

  • Left Arrow - Move Left
  • Right Arrow - Move Right
  • Space Bar - Jump

Link: [Download](http://www.blending-online.co.uk/downloads/2D Platform Template.zip) - Built in Blender 2.56a


Will take a look. Well done.

That’s pretty cool. Well done man!

ST150…now its really you?!
And with a nice 2.5x template!
Thank you for sharing!
I’ll wait that you work on camera setup ( please?) and finally start to work with the @~~ 2.5 version!

you are nice man