2D Platformer Template

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

I was working on a project, as per usual, and thought: in addition to my previous 2D platformer project, the current could be extremely useful to the community. I was going to keep it to myself because I was planning on making it a commercial game. But I thought it was so nice, and useful, I had a hard time deciding not to give a template away.

// .blend here
// 183kb in size
// no sounds
// all textures are packed

Screenshot (1920 x 1080, I think you can click it to see it in it’s original size (?)):

<img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/1/4/e/14e0584bded69d291531f0785d87ad755e07b433.jpg" width="186" height="96"><br/>

I'm releasing this .blend under the Creative Commons license type: Attribution - BY. I think that means you can take it and change it, but you must credit me. I also believe you may sell your own version (But seriously, don't be that guy; don't sell MY version).

There is currently no sound, though I will definitely be updating this resource, I'm not sure I'd be adding sound so, don't hold out for that, just throw your own sound in there.

Happy to help out; ask questions!

Sounds epic. Keep it up!

This is very cool :D!

realy niuze work .