2D Platformer Unity Project, looking for 3D designers

Good morning,

I am looking for people willing to cooperate in a 2D platform game project in Unity. It has interesting mechanics,
because instead of conventional jumping, it changes the direction of falling. We want to create a nice game based on 3D graphics.
The game is in a very early stage, so far we only have one short demo stage.
I am happy to invite both those who are starting to learn to create in Unity or programs for creating 3D graphics, as well as experienced designers looking for new projects. We are still at the beginning
group formation. I can’t guarantee any money yet, although of course after the game is releasedwe will be able to start discussions on this.

I am looking for level creators, 3D artists and programmers.

It’s a 2D platformer in which we move between two walls as an electric current. We bounce off them, but we can also control the bounces in the air ourselves. Between them there are obstacles and items. It’s important to flip switches and the rest of the game will depend on it. The most important thing, however, is to keep the energy until the end of our journey. We lose energy by bouncing off the walls
hitting obstacles or finding objects, including activating switches. However, we can increase it by bouncing off the cables.


Who is it for: Beginner designers looking for an easy start, or people who have recently learned
creating 3D graphics and want to develop their skills.

E-mail: [email protected]

Requirements: Basic Unity skills (level creators), basic 3D graphics skills (3D graphics)