2D procedural software?

I’m curious to know if there’s any software to do 2D art procedurally? ie. like what I’ve seen Sorcar or whatever can do, but…in 2D? With a good UI to make creating the art user-friendly (and hide the maths) and all…?

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I know of one offhand…TEXGRAPH is sort of a light version of Substance Designer…and then outputs your different maps…

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Cavalry is your best bet and is an incredible piece of software. It is more for mograph animation but can do impressive work for general design work The downside is that it will be subscription only when it is released… You can at least try the beta.

Thanx, guys :slight_smile:

This is not opensource but a free software for physical simulations. Acturally we can get some inspiration form this for our grease pencil. :grinning:

I forgot about this one Exploring MaterialMaker
and download from https://rodzilla.itch.io/material-maker

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thanks all

Wow, great thread! A lot of good stuff to check out.

One program I wanna mention is NodeBox.

It’s a node based program for 2D (animated) vector graphics. I think it is mostly used for data visualization, but it can certainly used for art.
It has a pretty good UI, though it definitely doesn’t hide the math from you.

Just thought I’d reopen this thread, because this has been in the news today:

Sabyasachi (an Indian fashion brand) has had a stake sold for a ton of money to the Birlas. Take a look at this page:

Is it possible to generate the kind of designs you see on that page Procedurally??

I love MaterialMaker, great for making textures. A similar tool, not as far developed yet but also very promising IMHO, is TextureLab, for Windows and Linux.

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I just noticed that Texture Lab is still under active development, but Material Maker appears to have a larger userbase as far as activity goes. Material Maker’s github hints at version 0.94 being released soon.


Ha, and there it is, Material Maker 0.94. Thanks for the hint, going to check it out now.

Trying this out. I am not sure if this works well with wacom tablets. There is this huge drag on the cursor when you try to tweak the nodes parameters. The 3d view tumbles repeatedly when you right click with the pen.
Anyone experiencing this?