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I need some advice. I am trying to import a 2d texture (a floor plan) into Blender and use it as a reference for my modeling. Here’s the rub: I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to import a texture into Blender. I have looked at some tutorials, but I still cannot grasp this. My plan is to import the floor plan in as a texture, place it on a plane, and then use that reference to model, for info on wall and door width, and the like. If someone could point me in the right direction, or perhaps give me a better method for accomplishing this, I would greatly appreciate it.


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ok, if you want to be able to see the image as a texture on a plane in object/edit mode you have to UV-map it to the plane



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Having just gone though this, it is nasty for the beginner

  • Open up a blank or new file. Mpte tjat tje default cube is highlighted.
  • Shading panel. That’s the 3rd button from the left in the bottom-most button strip. it’s a little grey ball.
  • See where it says “Links and Pipelines”?? Under “Link to Object”, it says MA: Material. Click on that and change it to say something interesting like STUFF. We’re doing this only because that way you can easily see the material in later steps.
  • OK, now click on the “Textures Buttons” Button. It’s the checkerboard button 3rd from the left in the second button group. Change the name fo the texture from it’s default of Tex to “MyTex”.
  • Change the Texture Type to image
  • Over in the right-most pane, load your image.
  • Now, Back to Materials Buttons (little pink ball on the button strip. Click that
  • See over in the right hand side that “MyTex” is showing as a texture with a checkmark next to it. That means it is active for this object.
  • Click on “Map Input” and click “Glob” for global coordinates" and “Cube” for cubic mapping. Presto. That will map it correctly around your cube.
  • Now click on the Map To tab right next to map input. It is already set correctly for “Col” meaning this texture changes the color of the material and “Mix” meaning it is mixed with other textures, etc. Col = 1.000 means that it is 100% opaque.HOpe that helps

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Thank you very much for your help!


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