2D RPG Test

As some of you may know, I will be creating a 2D RPG with a friend over the next year and a half, probably using the BGE. I have never used Blender for 2D games before, so I decided to try creating a test file. I think it came out alright (considering I’ve never rigged a model with an armature before either), but I have the recurring character-passes-through-walls-problem. Could someone please take a look at the file? Thanks!


Note: I tried replacing the empty with an icosphere, but it didn’t make any difference.
Note 2: Arrow keys for motion

The download doesn’t work for me. Try savefile.com

Alright, I’ll try that. I’ll update in a moment.

thats pretty cool, it looks good except for when he walks. if YOU want his legs to go back down when your not pressing the up arrow, make an inverse button, but im sure if you’ve done what you have done, then you already know how to do that and this is just a test. but GOOD JOB :slight_smile:

Thanks, but it’s probably not as good a job as you think. All I did was create and rig the model, animate a very simple walk cycle, and then setup a camera, background plane, and foreground plane. I didn’t actually create the image itself, it was from the internet…

Well, I probably won’t use this setup anyway, but rather planes with images on them, so I guess it’s not all that important to solve the wall problem for now. Hopefully it won’t come up again later.

well i knew u didnt create the background plane, but i would never think about making that type of game in blender, thats why i though it was cool. :smiley:

I have test your game.
It’s very interesting, because I would like to create a 2d game too with Blender :wink:

So i will follow this thread.

For the wall, I think that the bullet-physic don’t do what you want ?

bye :smiley:

Alright, well thanks then, Meat_Beater! I’ll be running some more tests, so I’ll post them here when they’re done.