2D series One Fateful Day is transitioning to 3D

After 35 episodes in the One Fateful Day series being made in 2d we are transitioning into 3D.here is some Wip…

The plan is to give these new 3D characters their own series. The quality we are targeting would be comparable to an animated tv show (ie. Star Wars rebels) as opposed to a Dreamworks or Pixar movie as we want to produce a number of episode at a decent pace…
After several attempts at a direct translation and attempting a style suited towards and more appealing in 3D this is the model we are moving forward with.
The hands and Jean textures still need some work.


It translates well. But, I would suggest that you draw the eyebrows on the body texture. Less things to weight paint and try to animate.

Thanks. My brother is making the 3D model I’ll run that by him and see what he thinks

You can use the surface deform modifier for the eyebrows, no need for weight paint