2d Shape animation (Mouth and Eyes)

I would like to know if its possible to do something like I’ve found done in Pocoyo animation, it seems like frame by frame UV mapping animation, or something like using 2D Shapes.


About the mouth and eyes in this animation (Pocoyo), can we do something similar like this in Blender? I know we could just animate, frame by frame, the mouth, and then uv map the video in the object.

Any tips or sugestion will be apreciated

those are 3d shapes. and yes, you do that in Blender, using Character Animation. Start aqui: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Your_First_Animation_in_30_plus_30_Minutes_Part_I

Hey Papa, thats kewl, but I’ve already started animating a couple of months ago, that 30m+30m is nice for whoever wants to start animating, or at least, give it a try, but personally, thats not the case

I remember a few months ago, when someone posted about a “Lego animation”, he used Video for UVmapping, mouth sync, etc were done in a 2d program.

Papa, I’m not talking about the whole animation on Pocoyo, I were talking about the mouth, thats probably Video mapped, like that Lego animation I were talking…
! Even the eyes, isnt that “Object switch”, can we switch objects in Blender while animating ? Thats my question.

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…or, is there a way to switch Maps while animating ? I mean, that would be easier to animate, without need of object deforming, special edge loops, etc. I guess, its a mather to see the Pocoyo scene, availabe in the link provided above, its easier to understand my point of view that way.

Hopefully I got more clear, tks

found a thread with a related question

oh, well yeah, if you just want to do the eyes. They are shape keyed bezier circles parented to his face mesh, so when his face moves they move around with him. Then you just need to animate the 2D shape changing when you want him to blink or be surprised by the hiccups, etc. See Basic Animation - Shape Keys in the User Manual.

So, Papa, you think that, that is achieved through shapes ? I really get that fealling that, it has something to do with UV Mapping and re-texturing and probably thats not possible to do in Blender. Anyway, your sugestion makes a lot of sense too, really, its a mther of trying, but in the case of the Duck, I dont know if you noticed or not, but when the eye blinks thats Video textured or probably some kind of tool available in softimage XSI, like “switch mapping/texturing” in animation mode.

I would like to discuss about this theme =) Its interesting

in Blender, (dont know xsi) its a simple matter to make an animated texture, and to use that animation as a mesh texture, or even to layer an animated texture (the mouth and eyes) on top of another texture (the feathers or ears or that cute hat).
Step 1: Make the model, unwrap it, and make your base UVTex image that colors the hat, the skin, the clothes, etc.
Step 2. Make an animation of the eyes and eyebrows using shape keys. Use a png sequence if you use alpha, or an avi and use a background that is the same color as the face.
Step 3. Unwrap the face-surface (eyes, nose mouth) to a second UVTex, and assign the animation as its texture.
Step 4. Animate the figure running and jumping. The animated face texture will play as per the Properties control in the UV Editor.
Step 5. Post your WIP and thank all the wonderful Blender developers for a great free product.